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Teaching Strategies

This is a collection of resources that highlight strategies you can use during the semester to enhance student engagement, learning, and motivation. Please contact us if you would like to explore any of these topics further.


Active Learning

“Active learning is anything course-related that all students in a class session are called upon to do other than watching, listening and taking notes.” (Felder and Brent) This page offers links to a variety of active learning strategies as well as information about flexible classrooms and “flipped” classes.

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Giving Effective Feedback on Student Writing

By focusing on providing quality, effective feedback, we can maximize its positive effects on learning—not only helping students become better writers, but better thinkers, with increased confidence and motivation to succeed. The strategies here will help you determine what kind of feedback to give and when, as well as identify potential next steps for helping students actually use your feedback.

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Related Workshops

(Inter)Active Learning

Description: In this workshop, you will explore a nuanced description of interactive, constructive, active, and passive learning strategies (the “ICAP

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Beyond the Abstract: Helping Students Learn to Read Scientific Literature

Fluency in reading primary scientific literature represents an important and complex set of skills for developing scientists. In this workshop, instructors interested in incorporating such scientific papers in undergraduate classes clarify their goals, consider assessment strategies, and develop an arsenal of activities and teaching techniques to help students strengthen those skills.

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Engaging Notre Dame Students: Moving from Silence to Scholarly Interaction

Examines approaches to increasing student participation and enhancing student engagement with course material. In particular, this workshop models Write-Pair-Share and the Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique (IF-AT) as potential activities for building a classroom environment that creates a learning space for meaningful interactions and keeps students actively engaged in the course.

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Equitable and Effective Team-Based Learning

This workshop looks at inclusive strategies for facilitating student interaction and designing effective teams. Participants have the opportunity to consider assessment criteria for evaluating student groups, strategies for inviting students to co-create team contracts, and the benefits of assigning student roles within group projects.

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Facilitating Discussion in Social Sciences and Humanities

Classroom discussion can make or break a course. Done well, it’s the linchpin for meaningful classroom engagement; done poorly, even the best-planned course material can fall flat. In this workshop, participants are introduced to strategies for sparking effective discussions and generating inclusive student interactions as well as ways to assess engagement. A recording of the workshop is also available.

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Foundations of Teaching Workshop Series

This four-part series introduces and develops the fundamental skills of effective teaching for graduate teaching assistants (TAs). Topics include communicating expectations, facilitating a class, grading, and teaching critical thinking skills.

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