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Instructor Opportunites

ND Learning enables the design and implementation of effective, engaging, evidence-based learning in all modalities for all students.

Our goal is to accompany you (Notre Dame instructors) in your efforts to design and deliver the best possible learning experience to your students. Explore these opportunities to learn more about how to get started on your own, schedule a consultation, or begin a project.

How We Can Help

Our portfolio of programs and services to advance learning includes:


We meet with you one-on-one to discuss your teaching strategies, concerns, and ideas. 

Collaborative Teaching Reflection

We sit in on your class and discuss what we observe, including both strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Learning Media Creation

We partner with instructors to create instructional media resources. 

Learning Technology Integration

We support your intentional and effective use of technology to enhance learning.

Gathering Early Student Feedback

We can work with you to administer early-semester feedback or other student surveys using Qualtrics.


We offer customized research support for individual instructors or departments at Notre Dame.


We offer a broad slate of workshops every semester. Existing and customized workshops can be offered to academic units.

Reading Groups

We purchase books on teaching and learning in higher education for small, informal reading groups.