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Gathering Early Semester Student Feedback


Research indicates that ongoing formative feedback from students and colleagues is the best way to improve teaching (National Research Council, 2003). Early semester feedback offers an opportunity to collect detailed information from students about how well your course is working. During this workshop participants will discuss the value of early semester feedback and review sample feedback forms. Participants will have the opportunity to brainstorm possible questions and begin crafting their own feedback forms.

We will help you administer an early-semester student feedback survey using Qualtrics. For details visit Gathering Student Feedback.

Learning Goals:

After successfully completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • State reasons for incorporating early semester feedback into your course design and plan.
  • Create a form that you could use to gather feedback from your students.
  • Describe at least one option for administering an early semester feedback form.

Workshop Resources:

In the Library:
Online Resources:


Can apply toward these graduate student/postdoc certificates: