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Course Design & Development

Design or redesign your course, regardless of modality

The ND Learning team is ready to accompany you to design or redesign your course to create the best learning experience for your students in any modality. 

Our expert staff will work with you to incorporate evidence based strategies as you design learner-centered courses that facilitate accomplishment of the desired outcomes.

Courses at Notre Dame fall into a variety of modalities, with the majority falling into the in-person learning category but with a growing number of hybrid and online courses. Approval processes, timeline, workflow, and number of human and technical resources needed vary among these modalities. In general, as a course progresses along the spectrum from in-person to fully online, the number of human, technical, and time resources required increases. For fully-online courses that receive significant ND Learning support, work schedules and timing will be agreed upon during the intake process. 

In-Person Course Design

a professor talks with students seated at a table in class

For this modality, our interactions with you typically begin during a course design workshop or in an individual consultation. In either case, we encourage the use of a backward design model with the goal of focusing all course activities on the fulfillment of a clearly articulated set of learning goals. The process of this work typically involves one or a series of hour-long, one-on-one meetings with a Notre Dame Learning staff member, either in person or on Zoom. The outcomes of this work may include design or revision of syllabi; development of transparent, goal-oriented assessments and assignments, and creation of engaged, equitable, and inclusive learning experiences. 

Hybrid Course Design

These courses are taught in a combination of face-to-face and online formats. Hybrid course design work with ND Learning often follows a similar process to in-person course design, potentially with greater interaction with Learning Design and Learning Media experts. 

Fully Online Course Design

Work with Notre Dame Learning | Office of Digital Learning (ODL) to design, develop, and deliver fully online courseware. The ODL is a team of learning designers, videographers, multimedia artists, and project managers. We foster innovative teaching and learning at Notre Dame through collaborative partnerships with Notre Dame faculty, departments, and colleges to develop cutting-edge digital learning content. The ODL uniquely combines creative learning design with world-class media production to create stellar digital learning content that enhances the learning experience at Notre Dame and extends the University’s mission to the world.


We work with Notre Dame faculty to author original course content and learning materials, saving costs to students and delivering stronger learning outcomes.


We support faculty by developing digital course materials and executing their instructional vision through a variety of mediums. 


We extend the reach of programs and departments globally through strategic online offerings while unlocking faculty creativity in all disciplines.

Program & Certificate Design

ND Learning’s Online Strategy and Academic Innovation Lab (OSAIL) accompanies departments and colleges in ideating and implementing new academic initiatives including online certificates and degree programs, and non-credit bearing initiatives such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Examples of Program Design: