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Serve as the hub for learning excellence and innovation at Notre Dame

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Through collaborative design and creative strategy, produce courses, programs, and learning experiences


Study learning effectiveness, as shaped by evidence based practices in the disciplines and beyond


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Veronica Womack stands next to a table and listens as an NDITA participant makes a comment during her interactive keynote session.
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Giving Effective Feedback on Student Writing

By focusing on providing quality, effective feedback, we can maximize its positive effects on learning—not only helping students become better writers, but better thinkers, with increased confidence and motivation to succeed. The strategies here will help you determine what kind of feedback to give and when, as well as identify potential next steps for helping students actually use your feedback.

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Foundations of Teaching Workshop Series

This four-part series introduces and develops the fundamental skills of effective teaching for graduate teaching assistants (TAs). Topics include communicating expectations, facilitating a class, grading, and teaching critical thinking skills.

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Resource Guide: Teaching in the Age of AI

This resource guide explains a bit about what generative AI is and how it works while outlining potential uses and approaches to AI in the classroom. Section 4, “Strategies for Effective Teaching in the Age of AI,” shares new ways you might ask students to demonstrate their skills, knowledge, and abilities.

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