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Notes on Teaching and Learning

End of Semester Teaching Reflection

December 6, 2021
Haley Dutmer

The semester is almost over. It’ll be tempting to submit final grades, take a well-earned break, and never look back. But before winter break begins, let’s take these last couple weeks to briefly reflect on our teaching this fall.

Self-reflection is a simple yet crucial step towards improving teaching practice. As you wrap up your teaching experience for the semester (whether as an instructor or a TA!), consider the following questions and jot down your answers somewhere you can easily review them the next time you teach.

  • What went well this semester? 
  • What would you do differently if you were to teach this course again? 
  • Did you make any mid-semester changes? If so, what was the impact? What evidence do you have to support that impact? 
  • Did your students meet the learning goals for the course? If not, how might you adjust your goals, assignments, or activities in the future?
  • After reviewing your CIFs (course instructor feedback), which aspects of your teaching did your students respond positively to? Which areas could you improve on? Based on this feedback, what are two concrete goals you can set for yourself for the next time you teach?

If this list sparked any questions or ideas for you, feel free to schedule a consultation with ND Learning to talk more about your courses. And don’t forget to check out our spring schedule to see what events can help support your teaching next semester. Enjoy the break, and we’ll see you here again at ND Learning in the new year!