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Syllabus Policy Language



Privacy and confidentiality policies communicate when and how student data will be collected and used and/or outline the expectation that all classroom discussion will be kept confidential and within the classroom environment. Privacy statements can also protect instructor-created materials by explicitly stating they are not to be shared or disseminated beyond the classroom. When developing a privacy policy, consider whether or not your course will cover sensitive topics or ask students to share potentially sensitive information, as well as what data will be collected and used through Canvas or external learning tools. 

Suggested Language:

This course is a community built on trust; in order to create the most effective learning experience, our interactions, discussions, and course activities must remain private and free from external intrusion. As members of this course community, we have obligations to each other to preserve privacy and cultivate fearless inquiry. We are also obliged to respect the individual dignity of all and to refrain from actions that diminish others’ ability to learn.


Course materials (videos, assignments, problem sets, etc.) are for use in this course only. You may not upload them to external sites, share with students outside of this course, or post them for public commentary without my advance permission. Please discuss with me in advance if you have any questions about this policy.