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Misbah Hyder

Misbah Hyder is a Postdoctoral Fellow with Notre Dame Learning | Kaneb Center for Teaching Excellence, where she focuses on graduate student pedagogy and professional development through a focus on inclusivity within teaching and learning. She strongly believes in the importance of not assuming that students come into the classroom with knowledge and skills needed to succeed in higher education, and is committed to bridging the “hidden curriculum” for undergraduate and graduate students. She has also published on how graduate success often follows non-linear pathways.

Misbah comes from the University of California, Irvine’s Department of Political Science, and uses interdisciplinary research from Religious Studies, Anthropology, and Peace Studies to interrogate how persecuted religious minorities persevere through hardship to thrive in their humanitarian and service work. She integrates her passion for teaching and learning with her research, and is conducting pedagogical research on how she uses trauma-informed course design to teach Religion and Politics.

Ask me about: Course Design, Assessment, Facilitating Discussions, Graduate Pedagogy, Inclusive Teaching

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