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KC Frye

As the Director of Creative & Media, KC is constantly looking for new ways to bring forward the crafts of film, art, and storytelling into the world of pedagogy. He is passionate about broadening the definition of what online learning looks like and the idea that art in the service of education can deepen the student learning experience. 

Aside from overseeing the Creative & Media team, KC also spends much of his time on directly on project work where you can find him doing things ranging from on set behind the camera, to editing or creating motion graphics and animations.

Prior to coming to Notre Dame, KC worked in creative agencies on commercial video production where his work took him across the country. 

Ask me about: Academic Media Production & Editing, Asynchronous Courseware, Storytelling, Academic Web Development

To connect or collaborate:
938 Flanner Hall
Telephone: (574) 631-7938