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Postdoctoral Fellow

Emily Pitts Donahoe

Emily Pitts Donahoe is a Postdoctoral Fellow for Notre Dame Learning. She focuses on inclusive teaching and assessment, deliberative pedagogy, and creative approaches to teaching in the humanities.

At the Kaneb Center for Teaching Excellence, Emily co-manages the Collaborative Teaching and Learning certificate program and is also co-piloting Notre Dame’s first student/faculty pedagogical partnership program. In addition to consulting with instructors on an individual basis, she also conducts workshops on topics like “Trauma-Informed Teaching,” “Difficult Conversations in the Classroom,” and “Public Writing as a Tool for Learning.”

Emily recently received her PhD in English from Notre Dame. As a scholar and teacher, she is interested in persuasion and argument in moments of transformational media shift. Her work is centered in early modern England but ranges widely across fields to include drama and media studies as well as rhetoric and education. She has taught courses in writing, literature, and screen cultures.

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