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Postdoctoral Fellow

Dominique Vargas

Dominique Vargas is a Postdoctoral Fellow with Notre Dame Learning, where she focuses on DEI initiatives, wellbeing, and inclusive teaching and learning by consulting with individual instructors and conducting workshops on topics like “Unmasking Stereotype Threat and Impostor Syndrome,” “Compassionate Communication,” and “Promoting a Culture of Wellness.”She also cultivates networks of solidarity to form and maintain affinity groups like the TA and Graduate Instructors of Color Learning Community.

As a scholar-educator, Dominique’s work is grounded in interdisciplinary theoretical and methodological frameworks, and she approaches research and teaching Literature of the Americas from a hemispheric perspective. Her research incorporates comparative approaches to language, race, gender, ethnicity, and identity in literature and performance. She teaches courses in writing, literature, pedagogy, and gender studies where she prioritizes student-centered pedagogical strategies.

To connect or collaborate:
350 DeBartolo Hall