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Learning Research Updates

ND Trains 170 Paraguayan Legal Professors in Online Teaching Pedagogies and Learning Technologies during COVID-19

October 6, 2020
Alex Ambrose

The US State Department funded a USAID grant to have the University of Notre Dame and Harvard join the Paraguayan Development Institute’s led program named “Rule of Law and Culture of Integrity” (ROLCI) in Paraguay. The ROLCI Program is an initiative of Development Institute (ID)and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The goal was to strengthen Paraguayan higher education institutions to improve the rule of law and culture of anti-corruption in Paraguay. The team, lead by the Keough School of Global Affairs’s Pulte Institute for Global Development, gathered trainers and experts from ND Learning | Kaneb Center, OIT”s Teaching and Learning Technologies Group to create, translate, facilitate, and record an interactive webinar series on using state of the art technologies and online pedagogies during and after COVID-19. 170  legal professors from several law schools and training centers in Paraguay such as the National University of Asunción, the National University of Ciudad del Este, the National University of Concepcion and the National University of Caaguazu, the International Center for Judicial Studies of the Supreme Court of Justice, the Public Defense Ministry’ training center, the Judicial School of the Council of the Magistracy and the Public Ministry Training Center, attended and participated in the 6-part live dual-language series. Individual workshops included the following topics and goals (note: the links are to the shared zoom recordings and translated slide decks):

Key collaborators on this project included:

  • Edward Jurkovic, Program Manager. Pulte Institute for Global Development
  • Lorena Gaona Greenwood, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Development Institute
  • G. Alex Ambrose Phd, Director of Learning Research, Kaneb Center, Notre Dame Learning
  • Jennifer Zachman, Associate Professor, Modern Languages, Saint Mary’s College
  • Kevin Abbott, Educational Technology Specialist, OIT
  • Kristi Rudenga PhD, Director of Teaching Excellence, Kaneb Center, Notre Dame Learning
  • John Kuehn, Adjunct Professor of Law, Notre Dame Law School 
  • Kari Gallagher, Adjunct Professor of Law, Notre Dame Law School
  • John Conway, Adjunct Professor of Law, Notre Dame Law School

For more information about this project see: