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Learning Research Updates

Learning Space Design Experiment Ignite Talk

June 25, 2019
Alex Ambrose

“From Learning-Centered Design & Research to Evaluating the Impact of Emerging Learning Spaces,” given on 6/19/19 at Steelcase NY, NY.

To watch the 7 min youtube video ignite recording see:

Click here to enter a virtual tour of a Notre Dame typical and prototype classroom. You will notice the 9 key design features that shifted from the typical to the prototype classroom:

  • Doubling the density occupancy data from 17.7 to 32.33 square foot per student.
  • Replacing rolling single tablet arm chairs with varied and flexible tables (1-5 person) and chairs.
  • Switching and increasing from a single projector to 4 LCD screens.
  • Switching and increasing from 1 chalkboard to 3 marker boards and 30 huddle boards.
  • Reconfiguring the room from 1 fixed teaching zone to 4 flexible learning zones.
  • Relocating the instructor station from tethered in the front of the room to the rear.
  • Reorienting the room from a clear front of the room to no clear front of the room.
  • Improving from no BYOD compatibility to floor plugs and power extension cord towers and video cables to connect to screens.