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Course Design

Course Design Resources for Newly Hired Faculty

These resources compile information related to course design, assessment, active learning, and inclusive teaching. In them you will find ideas that can be use to enhance learning for all students. The information is organized based on its use in the teaching workshop that we offer newly hired instructors each August. Please contact us if you would like to explore any of these topics further.


Sample Syllabus Policy Statements


Considerations: An accessibility policy signals to students that you are committed to equity and students’ diverse learning access needs. You

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Considerations: The best attendance policy is one that promotes student learning. Your policy should explicitly state your requirements for class

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Honor Code

Language that you might use to highlight the Honor Code in a syllabus for an undergraduate course. (source: email from Patrick Murphy, August

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Considerations: Including a statement on inclusion illustrates your commitment to creating spaces where all students are welcome, valued, and provided

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Mental Health

Considerations: A mental health or wellbeing statement signals your care for students as individuals and your commitment to their success

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Considerations: Privacy and confidentiality policies communicate when and how student data will be collected and used and/or outline the expectation

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“In the event of an emergency situation or disruption to normal campus operations (weather, health emergency, etc.), our class will

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Syllabi and Generative AI

Let’s face it: Our students are using generative AI tools (whether we think they should or not!). How we respond to that use in our classrooms is up to instructors on an individual basis and will vary based on course goals and disciplinary norms.

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Supplemental Materials

Workshop Media

Campus Resources

We maintain this extensive list of Campus Resources that provide information, services, and support related to teaching and learning at Notre Dame. If you are looking for something that doesn’t appear here please contact us.