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Course Design

Syllabus Policy Language

These sample syllabus policies are provided as a starting point for adding policies to your syllabus. Instructors typically select those policies that are most relevant to their course context and modify them as needed.


Any student who has a documented disability and is registered with Sara Bea Accessibility Services should speak with the professor

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Attendance and participation are important parts of learning in this class. In order to ensure that you have the best

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Honor Code

Language that you might use to highlight the Honor Code in a syllabus for an undergraduate course. (source: email from Patrick Murphy, August

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“I am committed to and strive to maintain a positive learning environment based on open communication, mutual respect, and non-discrimination.

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Mental Health

Diminished mental health can interfere with optimal academic performance. The source of symptoms might be related to your course work;

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“This course is a community built on trust; in order to create the most effective learning experience, our interactions, discussions,

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“In the event of an emergency situation or disruption to normal campus operations (weather, health emergency, etc.), our class will

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Title IX

Sexual Assault: The University of Notre Dame provides services for those who have been affected by sexual assault, sexual misconduct, dating

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