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Syllabus Policy Language



The best attendance policy is one that promotes student learning. Your policy should explicitly state your requirements for class attendance and outline any consequences for excessive absences. You may also want to include a note about tardiness. As you develop your attendance policy, keep in mind that some students may have chronic illnesses, disabilities, religious observances, or other circumstances (such as childcare or other family obligations) that may lead to a number of absences. Consider how your attendance policy can be compassionate and flexible, while also maintaining a high standard of learning for all students.

Suggested Language:

Attendance and participation are important parts of learning in this class. In order to ensure that you have the best possible learning experience in this class you are allowed a maximum of THREE (3) UNEXCUSED ABSENCES. With a 4th unexcused absence, your final grade will drop 5% and a notification of excessive absence will be sent to you and your Dean. For each unexcused absence beyond the 4th your final grade will drop 10%. Only absences permitted by University policy and verified as per section 3.1 (pages 4-5) of the Undergraduate Academic Code will be excused.

(These absence numbers and penalties are just an example. Instructors have discretion over class attendance at all times.)