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Skills and Time


  1. Identify the skill sets that are at your disposal - both yours and the students'. You may not have data for this, so make your best guestimate.
  2. Consider whether there is enough time to carry out this project. If yours is a major assignment, you will want to conduct a pilot test first.



  • What is your students' current level of tech skill?
  • On a technical level, could you reasonably expect them to create this kind of project?
  • Where do your students' interests lie?
  • In what ways will the assignment appeal to your students?


  • What is your level of tech skill?
  • If you don t know how to do this, could you learn enough about it in a reasonable amount of time?
  • Am you interested enough in this project to carry it through?



  • What is a reasonable amount of time for students to spend on the assignment?
  • Will the assignment add too much to the students' workload?
  • How much time will the average student need to get up to speed with the technology?


  • Is there room in the curriculum? Are there topics or activities that can be removed?
  • Will managing and grading the assignment add too much to your workload?
  • Do you have time to develop and test properly?