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Six Generic Learning Goals

This is a starting point for articulating goals not related to your subject area. Each is expressed in 2-3 words, followed by an explanation. Copy what you want to stress, then edit as needed.

Show critical thinking

  • Recognize problems and find ways to address them
  • Recognize assumptions
  • Recognize relationships between ideas
  • Gather information, interpret data, appraise evidence and evaluate arguments
  • Draw conclusions and make generalizations
Learn more about critical thinking


Locate existing media

  • Appropriate for the task
  • Legally usable (with permission, public domain, or CC licensed)

Capture new media

  • At a good level of sharpness, volume, brightness, steadiness
  • With minimal unwanted sounds or visuals

Manipulate media

  • Crop/trim to appropriate size/length
  • Add titles and other graphic elements
  • Combine (remix) media using layers or tracks

Show media expertise

  • Work neatly, carefully, smoothly (vs. settling for sloppy or rough work)
  • Apply aesthetic design conventions - contrast, spacing, balance, typography, lighting, levels
  • Cite sources

Show creativity

  • Synthesize - combine (remix) in a novel way, use a metaphor
  • Take a risk - seek out an untested idea or approach
  • Embrace contradiction - integrate an alternate or divergent concept
  • Be original - diverge from examples, provide a surprising response
  • Explore - incorporate techniques or ideas NOT covered in class or required materials

Evaluating this objectively is challenging!