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After deciding where the assignment is going, you need a plan of action - a series of activities that lead students to the goal.

Imagine the stages of your project as deliverables, and estimate the amount of time required to complete each item.


A deliverable is an object - tangible or intangible - that a producer intends to deliver to a customer at a certain point during the course of a project.



  1. Practice media - a low-stakes task where students learn media skills
  2. Topic - initial idea in a few words
  3. Proposal, pitch, or plan
  4. Script (or list of questions, etc.)
  5. Storyboard
  6. Shot list with dates, locations
  7. Peer feedback on planning


  1. Unedited original media
  2. External media (photo, music ...)


  1. First draft
  2. Peer feedback on the draft
  3. List of titles, credits, sources
  4. Finished product - file or URL
  5. Class presentation
  6. Self-evaluation

The writing process vs. media production