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Assessment Rubric

After articulating learning goals, decide how you will assess the students' work. We recommend using a rubric. You can use our template or build your own from scratch.

There are example rubrics under "Learn More" on many of the PROJECT pages!

Start with the rubric template (.xlsx)

General Rubrics



An assessment rubric is a printed set of guidelines that helps instructors distinguish between different levels of quality in student work. It defines key outcomes and standards for performance. Points may be attached to the levels, allowing the rubric to serve as a scoring device.


  • Helps with objectivty and consistency
  • Can reduce time spent in scoring
  • Tells learners "what counts"
  • Tells learners what is expected
  • Helps learners achieve a top grade
  • Can indicate the relative weight of criteria
Leaf from a liturgical ms., probably a gradual, with text and music for the offertorium and communio of the common of a martyr
By Penn Provenance Project, Flickr