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Video Editing — Badge Project

NOTE: badges only available to Notre Dame students, postdocs, and faculty.

To earn this badge, you will produce a 45- to 90-second video. For the content, tell a story or explain how to do something.

  1. LEARN - Complete the Remix-U video editing tutorials
    OR make sure you know how to do the things covered there.
  2. SHOOT - capture some original video. You are encouraged to use the equipment described in the tutorials, but that's not required. We don't expect pro quality, but excessivley dark, jumpy or blurry video is not acceptable.
  3. FIND - locate copyright-safe music for a soundtrack; it must have  a Creative Commons (CC) license that allows derivative works. Good places to look include Vimeo Music Storeccmixter, and Jamendo.
  4. EDIT - use Adobe Premiere* to produce a video
    • Minimum settings: 1280 x 720 resolution, 30 frames per second
    • Titles - opening and closing
    • Fade from black at beginning, fade to black at the end
    • At least three scenes (not a single uncut video clip)
    • Music soundtrack for at least 10 seconds
      (all the way through or just opening and closing)
    • Export in YouTube 720p format.
    • Keep all project materials until receiving confirmation of your badge.
  5. DOCUMENT - save a screen capture of your entire Adobe Premiere* project time line. This will show how you assembled the video. 
    Optionally, you may upload the image to Flickr or another image sharing site.
    [screen capture help - Windows 8,  |  Macintosh ]
  6. PUBLISH - upload your video to YouTube**
    • Description box must include credits for music, video and images. 
      Include title, artist and URL for anything you did not create.
    • If your music track's CC license included the SA (Share Alike) option,
      then your video must have a CC license with that same option.
  7. SHARE - complete an ePortfolio project page with
    1. Embedded YouTube** video
    2. Adobe Premiere* screen capture (small version linked to larger)
    3. A brief (150-250 words) reflection on the project, including what worked well, what was challenging, and what you'd like to learn more about.

* You may use other software (iMovie, MovieMaker, etc.), BUT you must still make a screen capture of the time line that shows how you assembled the video.

** You may use a different media sharing site, but it must allow public access to the media and there must be a way to embed it on a page in your ePortfolio.