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Sound Editing — Badge Project

NOTE: badges only available to Notre Dame students, postdocs, and faculty.

To earn this badge you need to produce a 45- to 90-second recording. As the content, you can create a public service announcement  or use this template to write a "Where I'm From" poem.

  1. LEARN - Complete the Remix-U sound editing tutorials
    OR make sure you know how to do the things covered there.
  2. RECORD - make a spoken voice recording.
    • It's best (not required) to use the recorder described in the tutorials.
    • Record in a quiet place and pay attention to the volume level.
      Excessive noise or distortion are not acceptable.
    • Identify yourself and the topic at the beginning.
    • Include credit for the music at the end.
  3. FIND - locate copyright-safe music for a soundtrack; it must have  a Creative Commons (CC) license that allows derivative works. Good places to look include Vimeo Music Storeccmixter, and Jamendo.
  4. EDIT - use Audacity* to edit a recording
    • Fade in at the beginning, fade out at the end
    • Incorporate a music soundtrack for part or all of the project
      (all the way through or just the beginning and ending)
    • If necessary, amplify the voice track or remove noise from it.
    • Reduce music track volume, if necessary, so voice is easy to hear.
    • Export the final project as an MP3 file.
    • Keep all project materials until receiving confirmation of your badge.
  5. DOCUMENT - save a screen capture of your entire Audacity* project time line.
    This will show how you assembled the project. 
    Optionally, you may upload the image to Flickr or another image sharing site.
    [screen capture help -   Windows 8   |  Macintosh  ]
  6. PUBLISH - upload your sound to SoundCloud. **
    The description on the SoundCloud page must include credits for the music: title, artist, and URL.
  7. SHARE - complete an ePortfolio project page with
    1. Embedded SoundCloud** player
    2. Audacity* screen capture (small version linked to larger)
    3. A brief (150-250 words) reflection on the project, including what worked well, what was challenging, and what you'd like to learn more about.

* You may use other software (Apple Garageband, Adobe Audition, etc.), BUT you must still make a screen capture that shows how you assembled the project.

** You may use a different media sharing site, but it must allow public access to the media  and there must be a way to embed it on a page in your ePortfolio.