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Image Editing — Badge Project

NOTE: badges only available to Notre Dame students, postdocs, and faculty.

To earn this badge you will produce a poster for an event (real or imaginary).

  1. LEARN - Complete the Remix-U image editing tutorials
    OR make sure you know how to do the things covered there.
  2. SHOOT - upload one or more original digital photos to Flickr**.
    You are encouraged (not required) to use a high-end camera.
    Excessively blurry or dark images are not acceptable.
  3. FIND - use Flickr** to locate one or more copyright-safe images to combine with yours. Any images used in your project (including originals) must have a Creative Commons (CC) license that allows derivative works.
  4. EDIT - mix 2-4 raw images together to produce a multi-layered Photoshop* file.
    We don't expect pro quality, but very sloppy work won't cut it.
    The project must have a resoultion of 1100 x 1700 pixels (landscape or portait),
    or larger with the same aspect ratio. It must include:
    • At least one original photo,
    • An adjustment layer applied to an image,
    • An image with a filter applied,
    • A selection from a raw image (person or object w/o background).,
    • Text with an effect, and
    • A shape or line.
  5. DOCUMENT - save a screen capture of your Photoshop* project, including the layers panel.This will show how you assembled the project.
    Optionally, you may upload this image to Flickr.
    [screen capture help -   Windows 8  |   Macintosh  ]
  6. PUBLISH - export a JPG file and upload it to Flickr**
    • Description box must provide credits for all raw images,
      including your original media. Include title, artist and URL.
    • If the CC license for any of raw images included the SA (Share Alike) option,
      then the CC license for your project must have that same option.
    • Keep all project materials until receiving confirmation of your badge.
  7. SHARE - complete an ePortfolio project page with
    1. Embedded image linked to its Flickr** page
    2. Adobe PhotoShop* screen capture (small version linked to larger)
    3. A brief (150-250 words) reflection on the project, including what worked well, what was challenging, and what you'd like to learn more about.

* You may use other software (The GIMP, etc.), BUT you must still make a screen capture image that shows the layers involved in assembling the project.

** You may use a different media sharing site, but it must allow public access to the media and there must be a way to embed it on a page in your ePortfolio.