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Graduate Student & Postdoc Opportunities

As a Notre Dame graduate student or postdoc, you are always invited to use our programs and services, attend our workshops, and consult with our staff. We also have some offerings targeted specifically to you:


Graduate students and postdocs can earn certificates as a way to demonstrate their commitment to improving their teaching. Certificates are granted on a rolling basis throughout the year.  They are granted digitally, with hard copies available upon request.

  • Striving for Excellence in Teaching Certificate: Notre Dame graduate students and postdocs who attend five certificate eligible teaching workshops and write a two-page reflective essay are eligible for the Striving for Excellence in Teaching Certificate. Read more about certificate requirements.
  • Advanced Teaching Scholar Certificate: Graduate students and postdocs who have completed the Striving for Excellence in Teaching Certificate can go on to pursue an Advanced Teaching Scholar certificate by attending additional workshops, participating in a teaching observation with consultation, and completing a teaching portfolio and reflection. Read more about Advanced Teaching Scholar certificate requirements.

GRED Courses

Together with the Graduate School, we offer several options for credit-bearing courses on teaching and learning topics. Courses will be listed as Graduate Education (GRED) courses (though note that not all GRED courses are run by ND Learning). Courses include:

  • Pedagogy & Practice in the College Classroom
  • Inclusive Teaching
  • Introduction to Teaching in Online & Hybrid Modalities
  • Teaching with Writing
  • How to Teach Effectively & Prepare for an Academic Career in Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Designing & Teaching Your First Biology or Chemistry Course
  • Preparing for an Academic Career in Physics, Math, and Engineering
  • Teaching Engineering Tutorials & Laboratories

Read more about GRED courses here.

Foundations of Teaching workshop series

Each semester, we offer at least one 4-week series for new teaching assistants designed to introduce and develop the fundamental skills of effective teaching. We cover how to communicate expectations, facilitate a class session, grade fairly and efficiently, and teach for critical thinking, providing first-time TAs with a solid foundation for successful teaching in graduate school and beyond.

New TA Orientation

Every August, the Kaneb Center offers a two-day orientation for graduate student TAs and instructors to help you feel informed, prepared, and confident as you approach the first day of class. Orientation sessions outline Notre Dame’s expectations for TAs, students, and faculty members and equip TAs with strategies for success in their new role.

Postdoctoral and Graduate Associate program

Each year, we hire experienced TAs or instructors to serve as Postdoctoral and Graduate Associates (PGAs) at the Kaneb Center. PGAs facilitate workshops on effective teaching, develop teaching resources, and contribute to other activities to help graduate students and postdocs grow as teachers. This position is an excellent opportunity to develop as an instructor, a professional, and a leader.

Graduate Peer Observation Program

Have an experienced graduate student observe your class, tutorial, or discussion section in this confidential, low-stakes opportunity for formative feedback. A Postdoctoral or Graduate Associate will sit in on your class session and follow up to schedule an informal discussion about your teaching strengths and opportunities for improvement.