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Online Teaching & Learning

Within Notre Dame Learning’s ODL, the Learning Design Team works to advance the strategic goals of the University through leadership in the area of online teaching and learning.  The team is comprised of Learning Designers with advanced degrees and extensive experience in both instructional design and online teaching.

Working with Colleges across campus, the Learning Design Team provides leadership and guidance to support >Notre Dame faculty as they embrace innovative approaches to learner engagement in the digital space. Our focus is on the implementation of putting theory into practice through the design and delivery of web-enhanced, blended/hybrid, and online courses. We provide faculty accompaniment, design support, small group training, and one-on-one consultation to help faculty learn to build appealing online courses, develop engaging online teaching methods, and to find or create (in partnership with the Media Team) appropriate course assets designed to encourage student engagement and success.

Defining “Online”

Blended or Hybrid Courses

  • These courses are taught in both face-to-face and online modality.
  • Content, interaction, and assessment take place both online and in-person.
  • Flipped classroom environments (those using digital components) would be included in this category.

Fully Online

Asynchronous Courses Refers to online courses where faculty-learner or peer-to-peer interactions occur at different times and locations.  Engagement strategies often rely upon vibrant discussion boards, use of recorded videos (by both learners and faculty), and microlearning content modules. Synchronous Courses Refers to online courses where faculty-learner and peer-to-peer interactions occur during a scheduled time.   Engagement strategies include whole-class discussion, faculty lecture, small group activities, and microlearning content modules.  This is the primary modality used in Notre Dame’s Summer Online program.  Notre Dame faculty connect with learners through regularly scheduled Zoom classroom sessions.  These synchronous sessions allow for learners to connect with Notre Dame faculty and students while off-campus for internships, summer break, or study abroad.  By connecting in real-time, the learners are able to truly “Bring Home the Dome”.