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Assessment Design & Support

The Kaneb Center helps faculty and programs with the assessment and evaluation of learning at the course and program levels – as well as, supporting faculty in the evaluation of educational program components included in their grants proposals. “Assessment is an embedded design component vital to improve the quality of learning and teaching. Depending on its focus, assessment can either look more directly at student learning as measured against course outcomes or it may be more academic program or institutionally-focused. Program assessment is not about evaluating individual students or faculty teaching effectiveness. In both cases assessment however, it involves the systematic collection of information about student learning, using the time, knowledge, expertise, and resources available, in order to inform decisions that affect student learning.” Walvoord 2010

Walvoord, Barbara (2010). Assessment Clear and Simple: A Practical Guide for Institutions, Departments, and General Education. Jossey-Bass. P2.
Wiggins, G. and McTighe, J. (2005). Understanding by Design. ASCD. p.18.

Consultations and Workshops

Kaneb staff assist faculty in understanding the variety of methods, techniques, and opportunities available to determine the levels of student learning occurring concerning learning expectations encountered throughout the course (formative), or at its end (summative). Thus, supporting the crucial middle stage of the Wiggins and McTighe backward design process. Many supportive workshops are available, including rubrics development, multiple-choice test item structure, and flipped-finals – to name a few. Please check the Kaneb workshop webpage [insert link] for an updated list.

Educational Outreach and Evaluation in Grants

 Many NSF grants, as well as other entities, require awardees to include an educational plan to reach audiences in their communities or beyond. As these grants typically have an associated evaluation plan component, as well, Kaneb staff can help faculty navigate accomplishing these related assessment goals, and implementing the evaluation plan after funding. Common Kaneb supported activities include pre-and post-surveys, focus groups, preliminary data analyses, and individual follow up and review with the faculty member.