Advancing Learning

through inspiration, research, and design.

Engaged smiling student

Engaged learning for all students

Notre Dame Learning is committed to the University’s goal of providing an unsurpassed education. In collaboration with instructors, departments, and colleges, we inspire, design, and deliver transformational learning experiences.

Established in 2019, Notre Dame Learning brings together teaching and learning expertise to serve as the central hub of learning excellence and innovation at Notre Dame.  Working in collaboration with instructors, departments, and colleges, our goal is to enable effective and engaging learning for all students through research-based strategies, technologies, and modalities. 







At Notre Dame Learning, our goal is to….

  • Inspire

    Serve as the hub for learning excellence and innovation at Notre Dame;

  • Research

    Study learning effectiveness, as shaped by evidence-based practices in the disciplines and beyond;

  • Design & Develop

    Through collaborative design and creative strategy, produce courses, programs, and learning experiences of all modalities that cultivate effective learning.

  • Accompany

    Serve as ongoing partners with instructors throughout the process.

Get Started with Notre Dame Learning:


ND Learning exists to support instructors in providing unsurpassed educational experiences for learners. Our team provides support in the following areas:

  • Collaborative teaching reflection

  • Consultation on:

    • curriculum design

    • learning experience design 

    • pedagogical strategies

    • strategy, design & production of learning media 

    • equity, inclusive teaching, and universal design for learning

  • Core Curriculum visioning, advocacy and design support

  • Engaged scholarship projects

  • Graduate student & postdoc development

  • Learning media creation & creative strategy

  • Learning technologies selection & adoption

  • Learning technologies exploration & discovery

  • Learning research

  • Learning space design (as voice of the faculty + research)

  • Online course and program development

  • Summer Online

  • Teaching and learning workshops, courses, & certificates