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Advanced Teaching Scholar Certificate

Graduate students and postdocs who have completed the Striving for Excellence in Teaching Certificate can go on to pursue an Advanced Teaching Scholar certificate. Requirements are as follows:

  • Previous completion of the Striving for Excellence in Teaching Certificate
  • List of 5 workshops attended
    • These must be additional workshops beyond those completed for the Striving Certificate.
    • See for upcoming workshops.
    • Evidence of participation in other pedagogy workshops (e.g. departmental teaching workshops) may be counted; contact with questions.
  • Observation with consultation
    • A Kaneb Center observer will attend your class and meet with you afterward to discuss observations and future directions.
    • The Graduate Peer Observation Program can be used to satisfy this requirement.
    • If you are done with your teaching, we suggest looking for opportunities to guest teach in a class. In the absence of teaching opportunities, this requirement may be waived with permission. 
  • Teaching portfolio
    • This should include at least the following, compiled into a single PDF with page numbers included.
      • Table of Contents
      • Teaching Statement
      • Teaching experience and training overview
      • 2 sample syllabi
      • 3 sample course materials
      • Student evaluations
    • *In certain cases, other major projects such as SOTL research could be considered as substitutions for the teaching portfolio—please set up an individual meeting if you hope to pursue this option.*
  • Reflective narrative
    • 500-800 words, reflecting on what you experienced during and learned from the workshops and the process of completing your consultation and portfolio.
  • Final meeting and portfolio feedback
    • Contact when you have completed the above steps and are ready to schedule your feedback meeting.
    • This is a chance to get professional feedback on your teaching portfolio and, if desired, discuss more about your experiences pursuing the certificate.
    • Typically, the certificate is considered completed at the conclusion of this meeting. If any of the elements listed above are unsatisfactory or incomplete, you will be asked to complete or update them before being granted a certificate.